Play Responsibly at JeetBuzz Bangladesh – Key Principles to Know

Always keep in mind that casino games are just one of the ways you can have fun. If you bet or play games with the thought of grabbing some passive income, you better drop the idea. It's because continuous gambling can easily lead to addiction with its all possible consequences like financial crisis, stress, depression, and so on. JeetBuzz understands the severity of this problem and helps all punters avoid or fight against it through various measures you can find in its Responsible Gaming section.

How JeetBuzz Prevents Problem Gambling – Main Policy

On JeetBuzz’s Responsible Gaming page, you can see all the rules, tools, and resources that can be helpful in combating excessive gaming. The overview of the most essential terms and suggestions is outlined below. Let’s have a look.

Self Exclusion 

What to do in case you notice the first signs of gambling disorder? Or what if you are already diagnosed with addiction? The best solution to keep things from getting worse is to take a break from playing. For that purpose, you can make use of the special self-exclusion program JeetBuzz offers its customers. It lets you exclude yourself from all gambling services of the platform on your own will and decision. The time period to take a break can be different from 6 months to even 5 years. 

If you have decided to self-exclude, just get in touch with JeetBuzz’s customer support representatives. Don’t forget to specify how long you wish to suspend your account. They will also give you more insight on all the steps and details of the process. The email you can use to contact the support team is [email protected]. One thing to note is that once in self-exclusion, you won’t be able to undo it until the set time is finished. In addition, during this period, you will not be permitted to create a new account on the platform.

Minor Protection

JeetBuzz doesn’t allow people under 18 to use its services. This shows that the company pays massive attention to minor protection and tries its best to keep underage individuals from gambling.  

JeetBuzz also recommends keeping your login data away from minors to avoid abuse. Moreover, you can use special filter programs to prevent children or teens from accessing any content on the Internet that can be harmful for them.

Some Helpful Hints to Keep Yourself Safe 

Here are some general tips and suggestions that can help you stop problem gaming on time and eliminate possible negative consequences. However, if you are extremely addicted to gambling, make sure to seek professional assistance and treatment. 

  • If you play at JeetBuzz, do it only for enjoyment. Once you feel like you no longer have fun, just ask yourself why you are still playing.
  • Set a deposit limit, and don’t overlap it. It will help you control your gambling budget and eliminate excessive spending.
  • Set time limits and stop gambling right away when the time is over.
  • Remember that luck will not always be on your side, so losing is also a normal thing. 
  • Don’t make debts just to satisfy your gambling needs. 
  • Balance your everyday life so that casino activities won’t have the power to interfere with your schedule and relationships.

Also, if you are not completely sure whether or not you have a gambling addiction, you can take a self-test at GambleAware. Apart from the test, the site has a lot of additional information about safer gaming.